Solar pool heating is by far the most cost effective way to heat your pool and our systems last for more than 20 years.
Solar pool heating extends your family's swimming season with no monthly heating bills, and the automatic digital controls and temperature selection allows you to maintain a warm and inviting pool. A cold pool goes unused and offers no return on your investment.

How Pool Water Gets Heated From the Sun:

  1. Set your desired water temperature and a sensor tells the control box when it is time to turn on the flow of water to the panels and start heating your pool.

  2. Your pool pump sends cold water from the pool through a series of channels in the solar collectors.

  3. The solar collectors use the sun’s energy to heat the cold water as it moves through the panels, returning the water to the pool with a significant temperature gain.

  4. Luxuriously warm, solar-heated water flows back into your pool until it’s reached the desired temperature.



Why Chose solar for heating your pool?

  • Each month, owners of these systems pay a much lower bill for energy to heat water and extend their swim season substantially! The only bill you pay is for running the pump, which you would be running anyway to filter your pool.

  • Although the initial cost is slightly higher to purchase a solar pool heating system the amount saved on electricity or gas is immense. Generally the amount of money saved will pay off your system in its entirety in 3 years.

  • Start your swim season early! Weather it's an above ground pool or an in ground pool you can utlize solar pool heating.

WARRANTY and Peace of mind:

Heliocol solar pool collectors are made by the world’s oldest and largest swimming pool solar panel manufacturer in the world. It is the only manufacturer to qualify for ISO 9002 Zero Defects, Excellence in Manufacturing, and the NSF-61 Safety Award. Heliocol features a full 12 year warranty, nothing pro rated, plus an additional lifetime “Peace of Mind” installation warranty from us.

The world's oldest and largest solar manufacturer 
All solar testing tested at 150 mph wind loads 

Highest efficiency design 
Maintenance-free system

Zero defects 
Single-piece design 
Freeze proof 
Government Certified  

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