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A Sun Tunnel, also known as a Solar Tube, is a metal tube lined with highly reflective material that bounces the light rays through a building, starting from an entrance-point located on its roof or one of its outer walls. The entrance point is usually comprised of a dome, which is specially designed for collecting and reflecting as much sunlight as possible into the tube. Light transmission efficiency is greatest if the tube is short and straight or rigid in nature. In longer, angled, or especially flexible tubes, part of the light intensity is lost. To minimize losses, it's crucial that we only use the ridged tubing that has a highly reflective lining. There are manufacturers that claim that they have the most reflective materials, however, the difference is truly imperceptible even by a professional. The reflective properties of materials range between 84% and 99.7%. While there are specific uses for each of the reflective linings we like to stick with the most reflective! At the end point (the area in your ceiling), a diffuser spreads the natural light filling the room.

Installing Sun Tunnels is one of our favorite things to do. They provide gratification in a matter of hours!

No matter what size you chose (10" or 14"), the light transmitted into you home creates a vibrant, natural feeling!

We can install on any type of roof -- Wood Shake, Asphalt, Tile, Metal and Flat Roofs -- no matter the condition! We'll make it work for you!

When deciding where you want your solar tubes, keep in mind that we have to fit them in between the rafters that are running through your ceiling every 24 inches.  Please note that your solar tube might have to be placed up to 12 inches away from your chosen location. 

Here is the part of the page you were looking for; Details & Prices. 

Sun Tunnels come in two standard sizes, 10" and 14". The 10" tunnel illuminates areas up to 150 sq. ft. The 14" tunnel covers up to 300 sq. ft! Great for closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, entries, bedrooms, and everyone's favorite, hallways!


Your Options:

You have the option of a 10" package

or a 14" package

The 'base' package includes a completely installed Solar Tube on a Wood Shingle or Asphalt Roof, with a maximum length from roof to ceiling of 44" (this is 80% of all installations.) Pricing will vary for Tile and Metal roofs. 

We also offer different styles of diffusers to give you several great finishing looks for your natural lighting. Diffuser 1 comes standard in our base package. The cost for the Diffusers 2 and 3 are: $25 for the 10" option and $45 for the 14" option.

Diffuser 1

Diffuser 2

Diffuser 3

Lighting Upgrade

If you would like to replace an existing light with a solar tube but don't want to lose the option to turn on a light at night, this is for you! At only $75, this upgrade is hard to pass up! We can also install a sun tunnel with a light upgrade in a place where there is not an existing light. Price will vary depending upon the amount of electrical work needed.


Shade Option

The solar-powered shade is great for bedrooms and TV rooms, allowing you to dim the lighting at any time during sunlit hours. You can have it added to you package for $150 (available only on the 10" tunnel) , or we can add a solar shade to an existing sun tunnel for approximately $250 ( Price may vary depending on location and ease of access).

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