Skylights are amazing! They look nice, increase curb appeal, and create a warm, ambient atmosphere inside your home.  Skylights always add character to a space, connecting you to the sky and weather like no other window can. While older styles of skylights are prone to leaking and heat loss/gain, energy conservation has brought new motivation, design innovation, transmission options, and efficiency rating systems for skylights, providing top-of-the-line options for new installations or replacements!

The skylights we install feature:

  • 3 layers of water protection.
  • Pre-mounted brackets for quick installation of blinds. 
  • Advanced LowE3 glass for the best energy efficiency, higher visible light transmittance, and improved solar heat gain performance.
  • Lower roof profile with an updated, curved architectural design and painted a neutral gray color to blend with most roof materials and colors. 

(Our favorite skylight is the Velux Solar Powered 'Fresh Air' Skylight, which qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit)

Fixed Unit Skylight

A fixed skylight consists of a structural perimeter frame supporting glazing infill (the light-transmitting portion, which is made primarily of glass or plastic). A fixed skylight is non-operable, meaning there is no ventilation.

Operable Skylight

An operable (venting) unit skylight uses a hinged sash attached to and supported by the frame.  This type is also called a roof window when it is installed within reach of the occupants.

Benefits (if you need an excuse)

A study concluded that students have significantly higher test scores in classrooms that optimize daylight as compared to classrooms that depended on artificial lighting. Other studies show that daylight positively affects physiological and psychological well-being, which can increase productivity, peacefulness, and quality of life in many contexts.


The process to install skylights is fairly simple:


  • 1. A hole is cut in your roof by our professional installers at the location you've chosen for your skylight. Note that we may have to shift the position slightly to account for the rafters in your attic.


  • 2. Custom-sized curbing is then built directly on your roof.


  • 3. A frame is built through your attic, dry-walled, and painted to blend in with your ceiling.


  • 4. Shingles and flashing are then installed around the frame. The flashing helps weave the roof into the curbing, creating a watertight border and blending in the edges with your roof. 


  • 5. The skylight is then set over the frame and secured in place. Enjoy your brightened and beautiful room thanks to the additional of a skylight!

Already have a skylight, but it's leaking? We can fix it for you! (Click on the pictures to enlarge)


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Depending on the current skylight you have installed it could be as easy as taking off the old skylight and setting down a new one, redoing the flashings or tearing away the old shingles, building a curb and then installing a new skylight.  


Here is an example of the solution being to replace the flashings and the skylight.


Here is an example of an incorrectly installed skylight where we had to tear away the shingles, take up the skylight, build and install custom curbing and replace the skylight with a new one.